Theraphy at VHC


The role of the therapist and healer at VHC is to ensure that practice moves towards functioning at your optimal level, making it possible to achieve an inner peace that will reflect in your interactions with the environment and society. 

Listed below are ailments that we help heal,

1. Weak immune system

2. Pain-related ailments

a. Heel pain

b. Ankle pain

c. Knee pain

d. Low back pain

e. Back pain

f. Shoulder pain

g. Radiating pain from neck to arms

h. Neck pain

i. Migraine and head ache

j. Full body pain

3. Spinal ailments

a. Disc compression

b. Disc compression radiating pain

c. Disc prolapse

d. Sciatica

e. Back muscle stiffness 

f. Cervical problem

g. Giddiness

h. Numbness in the arms

4. Other ailments

a. Asthma

b. Sinus

c. High blood pressure

d. Low blood pressure

e. Diabetes

f. Sleeplessness


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