Yoga at VHC

Asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha and kriya are essential components of our practice.

We believe that yoga is for everyone. Given this, we offer classes for adults, children, senior citizens and special needs. Our areas of focus are:


Weight Loss


We offer individual and group sessions.

We customize courses for organizations or groups such as homemakers, corporate houses, multinational corporations, educational institutions (children and youth), senior citizens, and artists (dance, music, performance), among others.


Practice at VHC

Our programs are designed to strengthen and align the mind, body, and breath based on traditional Indian culture and the science of Yoga.

We progressively introduce students to a series of simple yoga practices comprising asanas, pranayama and relaxation techniques with the focus on enhancing their general well-being, improving stamina and boosting self-confidence. This will include chanting practices and interactive sessions.

The focus will be on brisk workouts that strengthen and tone the entire body, relieve muscular tension, enhance flexibility, stimulate physiological activities through energizing breathing practices and enable mental clarity and confidence.

At VHC, we believe in a focused approach for optimum results. Listed below are some of our specialized courses,


And much more… 


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