Why Yoga?



A specifically designed course can be made intense enough to please any fitness enthusiast. Physical fitness is a way to ensure good health and continued productivity. In yoga, physical fitness is about reaching one’s optimal weight and proportions.Regular asana practice can ensure a sustainable path to long-term fitness.



Stress induced diseases in the long run affect not just the individual but also family and society. Yoga with the right proportion of asanas, pranayama, chanting and meditation can be made into a stress-busting combination. Sequencing and blending these parts of Yoga could be varied according to the individual’s needs.

We have comprehensive courses for homemakers and organizations.



Yoga, contrary to popular belief is not about the practice of asana postures alone. When technique of pranayama and meditation are woven into a course, it contributes towards reducing internal mental agitation and helps promote emotional stability.



Children are the future of our nation and occupy an important place in our lives and existence. It is essential to equip them with the right tools to ensure their path ahead is clear to continue making this world better and our environment sustainable. At VHC, we have designed a series of dynamic and vigorous practices that include several postures, we focus on enhancing energy and stamina, sharpening attention and concentration, improving fitness and flexibility and stimulating growth and well-being of children. 


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